Belt supported continuous laser blanking production line

Product Features

1.Dynamic & continuous cut   

2.Belt support ensure the surface quality of the workpiece;

    No scratch, no section slag, no blackening  

3.Follow up light seam 

4.Automatic generation of tool path   

5.With a mature and reliable robot stacking scheme   

6.The crossbeam can be expanded and the cutting head can be expanded   

7.High utilization ratio of material

Product Composition

1.Uncoiler leveling system, feeding system, laser continuous dynamic cutting machine, material sorting and stacking system, waste recovery system, auxiliary system, etc.

Product Features

2.Automatic uncoiling and leveling, online servo feeding, automatic real-time deviation correction, laser continuous &

dynamic cutting workpiece, product separation stacking, residual material recycling, etc.

Applicable Scenario

3.Automobile, aluminum products, stainless steel products and other industries with high surface quality requirements.



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