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KJHS Trapezoidal Shear Cut to Length Line Machine

For: metal coil uncoiler four hi l eveler trapezoidal shearing line, steel coil decoiler straightener shearing line, sheet plate cutting line.

Application: hot rolled steel, cold rolled steel, tinplate, stainless steel, silicon steel and other metal steel coils.


KJHS Trapezoidal Shear Cut to Length Line widely used in 0.15 to 6.0 mm thickness, 300 to 2500 mm width .

  • The machine consists of  uncoiler, straightener, gauge, shearer, conveyor, stacker, hydraulic system, pneumatic system and electrical system, etc.
  • With computer display, the whole line is controlled by PLC which is one of the brands including Mitsubishi, Siemens and servo motor/inverter/electrics brand from Yaskawa, Baumuller, Delta, and Schneider.
  • This line is highly automatic with good straightening effect, precising cutting, efficient production, reliable performance, easy operation & maintenance.
  • The sheet metal trapezoildal shear cutting line can do uncoiling, straightening, gauging, trapezoildal shear cut to length and stacking work.

The line is mainly according to the requirements of the guests to plank abnormity, tong scissors set automatically according to the different shearing diagonal principle of swing Angle, such as trapezoid, parallelogram, triangle, square, rectangle, and other different shapes.

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