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nc servo metal punch press feed machine

nc servo metal punch press feed machine

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  • Feeder machine
  • Brand:
  • kingjime
  • Model:
  • TNCF4-600
  • Product Name:
  • metal feed cutting machine
  • Coil Thickness:
  • 0.15-2.3 mm
  • Coil Width:
  • 75-400 mm
  • Update Time:
  • 02-19-2018
Detail Information

nc servo metal punch press feed machine

I.Introduction of press feed line

    Servo driven feeds share many of the advantages with the press driven variety, such as minimal space requirement, lowmaintenance, and high speeds. However, servo feeds also provide benefits that press driven units cannot. The fact that they utilize a microprocessor based control gives them an added dimension. Features such as programmable move patterns, self diagnostics, auto correction, and the ability to communicate with automation - just to name a few - set them apart from other types of feeds.


1.Coil car


3.Snubber Roller

4.Entry strip support device.

5.Loop senor

6.Side Guide Roller I

7.Feeder and straightener

8.Releasing functioning

9.Pass line adjust

10.Side Guide Roller II

11. Electrical System.

12.Pnematic system

13.Hydraulic system

III.standard type

Ltem /  ModelTNCF2-300TNCF2-400TNCF2-500TNCF2-600TNCF2-700TNCF2-800
Width of Material(mm)75-30075-40075-50075-60075-70075-800
Thickness of Material(mm)0.3-2.3
Max.coil Weight(kg)2T weight can be customized3T weight can be customized5T weight can be customized
Coil L.D.(mm)508
Max.Coil O.D.(mm)1200
Feed Pitch Accuracy(mm)±0.15
Feed ROLLUpper1 / Lower1
Straighten  ROLLUpper5 / Lower4
Voltage380VAC / 60Hz
Air power supply5kg / CM²
Uncoiler ExpansionHydraulic
Servo Motor(kw)AC1.8with servo reducerAC2.9with servo reducer
Uncoiler  Motor(kw)1.5 KW2.2 KW
Coil Caroptional
Pass line±100 MM

IV.Straightener adjustment

TNCF2-3001                      300250220180
TNCF2-400                  400300250220180
TNCF2-5001                500400300250220180
TNCF2-6001             600500400300250220180
TNCF2-700c          700600400300250220180
TNCF2-8001        800600400300250220180

V.Standard Accessory
1.upper roller adjustment by digital watch .
2. Coil width adjusted by double handle wheel with precise screw rod .
3.Pass line can be adjusted by the lifter driven by motor .
4. uncoiler with four "A" steel backgauges .
5.Pinch roll and straightener roll material:high-strength alloy bearing steel with hard chrome plating.
6.Pneumatic coil arm device.
7.Mitsubishi PLC control feeding program from Japan .
8.Feed accuracy controlled by Japan YASKAWA servo motor with precise planetary reducer .

VI.about us
If make accurate quotation Need to provide for detailed requirements to me. Such as:1,coil .I.D (mm)2,coil .O.D (mm)3,MAX coil weight (kg)4,main material5,max coil thickness (mm)6,max coil width (mm)7,voltage/ HZand so on :If you keep in touch with us, we can provide you need the machine to work in the field of video,We will be in the equipment arrival, immediately arrange overseas after-sales service engineer in 15 working days or so to complete equipment installation and commissioning work.Thank for your kind hearted again from kingjime machine Limited! These products, if there is in line with your needs,Look forward to your reply.

nc servo metal punch press feed machine
  • nc servo metal punch press feed machine
  • nc servo metal punch press feed machine
  • nc servo metal punch press feed machine
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