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Rotary shear cutting machine line

Rotary shear cutting machine line

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  • Rotary Shear lines
  • Brand:
  • kingjime
  • Model:
  • Rotary shear cutting
  • Coil Thickness:
  • 0.25-3.0mm
  • Width:
  • 400-1600mm
  • Line Speed:
  • -100 m/min
  • FOB port:
  • shenzhen
  • Terms of Payment:
  • L/C,T/T
  • Update Time:
  • 01-20-2018
Detail Information
I.Introduction of the rotary shear cutting machine line
The production line is a thin metal coil leveling and cut into a massive sheet of special equipment. Usually cited by the feeding car, uncoiler, pallet pressure device, leveling host activities across the bridge, guide corrective devices, length agencies, film equipment, shears, conveyor table, pneumatic discharge rack, hydraulic lift the composition of the pile material, material transport roller and hydraulic system, electrical control system, the concerted action of PLC control. The main hydraulic, pneumatic and electronic control components, cut to length system selected international brands.
  This equipment is mainly used for processing cold-rolled carbon steel coil, stainless steel coil, and non-ferrous metal coil, configuration, six-leveler to the entire pacification of long shear plate surface of the metal aluminum and other high coil .
According to customer requirements, the fine two leveler leveler leveler can be used early; fixed length sent to shear can be ordinary mechanical appliances collaborative action, digital variable frequency or AC servo technology; shears can be equipped with the ordinary machinery, hydraulic press type electromagnetic clutches, pneumatic clutch transmits power high-speed gate shears, mobile tracking the chase cut and rotary flying shear machine. Supporting related molding machine can be used for a wider range extension.
II.Technical data
Coil Weight(t)Coil Width (mm)Line Speed
cutting accuracyLeveling accuracy
KJF100-2*6500.2 - 2.03、5150 - 65010 - 100±0.151.0
KJF100-2*8500.2 - 2.05、10150 - 85010 - 100±0.151.0
KJF100-2*10500.2 - 2.010、15300 - 105010 - 100±0.151.0
KJF100-2*13000.3 - 2.0 10、15300 - 130010 - 100±0.151.0
KJF100-2*16000.3 - 2.0 15、20300 - 160010 - 100±0.151.0
KJF100-3*6500.2 - 3.03、5150 - 65010 - 100±0.151.0
KJF100-3*8500.2 - 3.05、10150 - 85010 - 100±0.151.0
KJF100-3*10500.2 - 3.010、15300 - 105010 - 100±0.151.0
KJF100-3*13000.3 - 3.010、15300 - 130010 - 100±0.151.0
KJF100-3*16000.3 - 3.015、20300 - 160010 - 100±0.151.0

III.main machinery

1. Coil car
2. Decoiler
3. Peeler table
4. Precision leveler 
5. Loop Bridge
6. Side Guide Roller
7. Servo feeder
8. Rotary shear Machine
9. Conveyor table
10. Stacking table
12. Lifting table
13. Hydraulic Systems
14. Pneumatic Systems
15. Electrical System PLC Control

IV.Electric system

servo driversBaumueller
Electrical components

V.About us

Kingjime machine Limited is a TaiWan of Chinese technological enterprise manufacturer with Japanese technology to make steel coil cut to length line ,slitting line ,High Frequency pipe mill machine,nc servo feeder machine .We owned National high and new technology enterprise with 40 patents and intellectual property rights over the last for years.welcome to kingjimemachine as they!
we have established steady cooperation with customers in over 58 countries.

If make accurate quotation  Need to provide for detailed requirements to me. Such as:
1,coil .I.D (mm)
2,coil .O.D (mm)
3,MAX coil weight (kg)
4,main material
5,max coil thickness (mm)
6,max coil width (mm)
7,voltage/ HZ
and so on :

Rotary shear cutting machine line
  • Rotary shear cutting machine line
  • Rotary shear cutting machine line
  • Rotary shear cutting machine line
  • Rotary shear cutting machine line
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